Something about us in English
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1) Sodankylä 2013 with my veteran Viksalan Nilla, cq, bb3, cac, vet bob, bis4 vet 
2) Helsinki WW 2014 our brace Ahvatuulen Inka Maare and Erätytön Sahpe, brace2 
3) Kemi 2014 with Ahvatuulen Inka Maare, cq, bb3, cac, ch. 

                                                Welcome to visit in our homepages. 

Hey! I'm Tiina Kuukasjärvi. I have born and lived all my life here in Northern Lapland in Finland and some years in my youth in Lapland in Sweden too. I have owned Finnish Lapponian Dogs (Finnish Lapphunds) since 1984 but bred only nine litters from year 1988. My kennel name- Ahvatuulen ( = A Breath of the Springwinds :) ? )  - I got in April 1992. 
*Our very first Lappies were from Sodankylä, bred by Matti and Yrjö Kuivila. Poromiehen Tsikku (8.11.84-11.6.96) and 
 FI Ch Aljo Noppe (2.10.86-5.1.98) had fifteen puppies together. 
*Nat Fogel Sirma (22.6.96-26.3.09) from Salla came home after Tsikku passed away. 
*FI Ch Itätuulen Mosse (24.1.99-16.11.12) from Karhujärvi (Salla) was a sonsonson to Tsikku and Noppe. Mosse and Sirma had one litter, all these four puppies lived very long life. One of them, Cigga, is still living at age of sixteen.
*Viksalan Nilla (28.12.03-27.10.16 ) from Taavetti came home by Finnair in February 2004. Tsikku and Noppe are grandgrandgrandparents to Nilla. Mosse and Nilla have/had two litters, thirteen puppies together. 
 We at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport in February 2004.
*Ahvatuulen Hippunen Kultaa (A Bit of Gold) (20.5.07-17.5.10) stayed home of this litter. ......It was so awful when Hippunen died, she was after the reindeers...., she had been my baby..... 
Nilla got her third litter with Ahvatuulen Cammo (son to Mosse and Sirma). These I-puppies are my latest ones. After some years, hopefully, we get the tenth litter.
*FI Ch Ahvatuulen Inka Maare (25.6.10- ) is mine of these puppies.
*FI Ch Erätytön Sahpe (21.10.11- ) came to us for the simple reason, I fell in love :)! Sahpe is son to Ahvatuulen Hillankukka . 
*Jehnajan Essee   (23.3.2016- ) 
*Pakkaspeikon Bertta (13.3.2019-)
Our hobbies are useful: picking berries, fishing, looking after the reindeers and in winter we are sking in the forests and on the lakes and hills. Sometimes we drive some ;) hundreds kilometers taking part in dogshows and at times my dogs have gotten prizes in the shows and I have been so proud of them :) !
Dogshow at Ivalo airport 2012:
My dogs and working with them as well as a little bit breeding Lappies is the most dearest hobby to me, it has been my life :) !
We haven't any puppies now, but I hope that some day we may have some puppies to amuse us and others too.  
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                          There are many pictures of our life and doings in the "Kuvagalleria" (= photogallery)
                          I hope You get the main points of our actions and enjoy to visit us, welcome back :) ! 
                       *GREETINGS FROM LAPLAND, the land of the midnightsun, the reindeers and the reindeerdogs!

           The reindeer and my boy Erätytön Sahpe in spring 2015 !